E-Commerce Fulfilment

Picking, packing and fulfilment specialists

Outsourcing your E-Commerce website, warehousing, picking & packing along with national distribution to your door.

A complete online shop development solutions, from creating your E-Commerce shop to stocking your product and taking care of that sometimes taunting warehousing, stocking and fulfilment services for you. All under one roof.

We specialise in logistics, while you take care of your core business development. With more than 25 years of logistics experience we can guarantee your product to flow from shopping to delivery in a flawless process.

Why Should You Look At Outsourcing Your Warehousing, Picking & Packing Along With National Distribution To Your Door?

  • No requirement to have your own warehouse and thus a monthly rental saving along with electricity and insurance.
  • No staff and vehicles needed and thus reducing monthly overhead costs and pilferage.
  • No maintenance costs for vehicles or accident cover in your fleet. Monthly saving allows you to redirect your cash flow to investing in your business.
  • Hassle-free on orders and deliveries.
  • Atrax handles the full spectrum of safe secure storage, picking & packing as per customers requirements, and same day dispatch with next day delivery door to door to all major centres.
  • Atrax offers a fully integrated system that links our warehouse into your system to allow for easy order placing to happen automatically and seamlessly.
  • The system is always on 24/7 and you are able to see real time movements. The system will automatically send you reports daily or weekly with inventory levels, stock movement and will forward automated messages on when stock is low and needs replenishing or if stock is about to expire etc. There are various reports that can be further customised to your own requirements.
  • Let the system work for you all day everyday, without you needing to intervene or worry. Communication messages and auto notifications for each milestone are sent to you via mail, keeping you updated throughout the journey of the shipment.

Setting Up Your E-Commerce Store?
Why Us?

  • You don’t need to go anywhere else – you deal directly with Atrax and we are here to get your E-Commerce store live and running.
  • We can have your entire Shopify site ready in 2 – 3 weeks.
  • You deal with one team and one point of contact to give you all of the below:
  1. Build your online Shopify or WooCommerce Website.
  2. Assist with setting up your E-Commerce store and building your own custom design.
  3. Import all of your products and photos onto the store platform.
  4. Setup your paygate credit card portal on the store.
  5. Setup Google Analytics.
  6. Index website on Google Search Console and Facebook Commerce Manager.
  7. Training sessions for you and your team.
  8. Free integration done in-house by our IT department for all online shops and our warehouse system.
  9. Various start up and go packages available from which to choose to suit your needs and budget.
  10. We pick and pack your orders as per your custom requirements.
  11. Once all packed and ready to go we then deliver to your customers door.
  12. A fully fledged online system is available for you to review all your orders, check your stock on hand, stock movement for the day or week as well as any reports you require to review on your store and orders.
  • We have over 7 years of quality, high-end, seamless integration solutions that we offer all customers at no additional cost. We don’t outsource you!
  • Atrax has its own fully integrated online system which ties in with your Shopify store to offer you picking and packing solutions with next day door to door deliveries country wide.
  • No need for any manual inputs or processing – you can sit back on the beach and sip away at your favourite drink while the systems process orders automatically and deliveries happen without you even knowing it.
  • Our very own warehouse stores your cargo at a secure and safe CCTV and alarm monitored storage facility from where your stock will move to all your customers nationwide.
  • We offer an in-house design team to create and design your own packaging, labelling, tape and any special requests such as ribbons and frills that you would like to have your products leave our warehouse. We’ll make it happen.
  • Our team can act as you manage your customers questions and calls on orders so you don’t need to.
  • We manage any Takealot and One Day Only orders for you.
  • There is the option of picking our marketing team to design and ensure your Shopify website is digitally shaking the right trees and getting your brand out there as much as possible.
  • Atrax manages it all and we have seen it all, from sending out hay bales, to coffee, to toys, to welding equipment to clothing and so much m0re.

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