Atrax offers an array of air freight options based on time frames and budget to suit all your CARGO needs.
Exceeding your airfreight needs keeping your cargo above the clouds.


General Cargo

Transferring your cargo to various destinations nationally and internationally.

Hazardous Cargo

We shine in offering dangerous goods cargo shipping across the globe.

Time Critical Cargo

We offer time critical service to hand and door.

WHY USE Air Freight?

Optimising our tailored solutions to suit all your CARGO needs.

Atrax applies its focus especially to Africa. Daily departures to and from South Africa with options of door-to-airport and door-to-door services we can create a solution that works for you.
Atrax are specialists in offering various options based your business needs. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa to re-route and transfer cargo into various destinations in Africa where you may not have an option from elsewhere in the world.

Speed and Time Efficiency:

Air Freight is renowned for its speed, making it the fastest mode of transportation. This rapid transit time is crucial for time-sensitive shipments or industries where quick delivery is paramount.

Air Freight provides a global reach, connecting continents and countries swiftly. This is particularly advantageous for businesses engaged in international trade and those requiring fast and reliable transportation across long distances.

Air Freight often involves fewer touchpoints and handling compared to other modes of transportation. This can result in reduced risks of damage or loss during transit, especially for fragile or high-value goods.

Air Freight often adheres to stringent security standards and regulations, providing a secure and controlled environment for the transportation of goods. This is especially important for industries dealing with sensitive or high-risk materials.