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We warehouse your stock​

There is no need to have your own warehouse and personnel and therefore the headaches of running a warehouse are not there.

You would further save monthly on very large overheads such as rent, electricity, vehicle costs and maintenance, insurance, labour costs just to name a few.

As well as the same day dispatch with next day delivery services to all major centres across the country.


• Atrax offers a fully integrated system that links our warehouse into your system to allow for easy order placing to happen automatically and seamlessly. Our fully-fledged online system allows you to review all your orders, check your stock on hand, the stock movement for the day or week as well as any reports you require to review your store and orders.

• We offer an in-house design team to create and design your packaging, labelling, tape, and any special shape or printing requests as well as ribbons, frills or notes that you would like to have your products leave our warehouse with. We’ll make your custom packaging happen.

• Our very own warehouse stores your cargo at a secure and safe CCTV and alarm monitored storage facility from where your stock will move to all your customers nationwide.

• We offer exceptional service and turn arounds from our skilled and experienced team.