On Board Courier / Hand Carry

With customs pre clearance and a specialist team at your beckon call, we can assist any on board couriers with a niche boutique hand-to-hand delivery solution.
Our team will meet the courier at the airport and ensure a smooth and speedy handover to the customer.

We supply and assist partners all around the world to ensure their production lines keep running 24/7.

We offer hand-to-hand delivery with attention to detail and timing to ensure smooth and around-the-clock delivery. Our team will meet your on board courier at the airport, while we assist with pre clearance of customs to ensure quick clearance through customs along with full support of flight bookings for the on board courier to onward destinations, hotel and courier delivery services to the final destination. We have a dedicated team to ensure reliable and up to date communications for transparent and reliable delivery of the hand carry shipments.

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