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Atrax offers an array of road freight options based on time frames and budget to suit all your CARGO needs.


Full and Less Container Loads

Transferring your cargo to various destinations nationally on the road.

Perishable Products

We offer reefer containers for perishable products.

Break Bulk Load

We transport ISO Tanks for chemical and gas products.

WHY USE Road Freight TRUCKS?

Atrax offers road freight services throughout South Africa. Whatever you need delivered, we’ll make sure it gets delivered, on time and in good order.

Versatility and Accessibility:

Road Freight trucks can travel on a vast network of roads, providing accessibility to both urban and remote areas. This makes them highly versatile in reaching destinations that may not be easily accessible by other modes of transportation.

Road Freight trucks offer door-to-door delivery services, meaning they can pick up goods directly from the shipper’s location and deliver them to the consignee’s doorstep. This eliminates the need for additional transportation modes in many cases.

Road Freight transportation allows for flexible routing based on the specific requirements of the shipment. Road Freight trucks can also adapt schedules to meet customer needs, offering a level of flexibility that may be challenging for other transportation modes.

For distances within a country or continent, Road Freight can be a cost-effective option compared to air or sea freight. The costs associated with Road Freight, such as fuel and maintenance, are generally lower for shorter distances.