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Atrax offers an array of sea freight options based on time frames and budget to suit all your CARGO needs.


FCL Full Container Load

Transferring your larger cargo to various destinations nationally and internationally.

LCL Less Container Load

Globally shipping smaller cargo to various destinations.

Break Bulk Load

We have created a niche in servicing demanding project sites.

WHY USE Sea Freight?

Sea Freight is the ideal mode of transport if you have a large amount of cargo to be shipped, and it’s designed to keep the costs down, however, the transit time will be considerably longer compared to air freight to most major destinations.

We have forged a network of various shipping lines around the world to offer competitive pricing for various types of sea freight categories from full container loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL) and specialist RORO (roll on, roll off) and project cargo shipping around the world. We assist from the various ports in South Africa to connect you to the rest of the world with one easy contact, Atrax.

Cost-Effectiveness for Large Shipments:

Sea Freight is often the most cost-effective option, especially for transporting large volumes of goods over long distances. The economies of scale associated with sea transportation make it favorable for bulk cargo.

Sea Freight may have longer transit times compared to air transportation, making it suitable for non-urgent shipments or goods with a less time-sensitive nature. This can contribute to cost savings for businesses with flexible delivery timelines.

Sea Freight provides extensive global coverage, connecting major ports worldwide. This connectivity is crucial for international trade, allowing goods to be transported to and from various regions with ease.

Sea Freight offers both bulk and containerized shipping options, providing flexibility based on the type of cargo being transported. Containerization enhances security, reduces handling, and facilitates intermodal transportation.