Please be aware of fake Atrax Logistics accounts, fraudulent messages and scammers! We will never request any payments via any social media platforms.

We are aware of fraudulent posts and/or messages making the rounds stating the obtention of free gifts if clients pay Atrax Logistics a particular fee. Although these posts and messages may look somewhat legitimate as a result of our corporate identity being spoofed, please note that this is NOT the work of Atrax Logistics or any of our affiliations.

Unfortunately, spoofing and scamming is a part of our reality, and while we can attempt to put an end to these scammers targeting our audience, we can only educate our audience on things to look out for.

Additionally, the only social media platforms we are available on are Facebook (under Atrax Logistics SA (PTY) Ltd), Instagram (under @atrax_logistics), and LinkedIn (under Atrax Logistics).

We encourage you to please be vigilant and take caution when engaging with the various social media platforms out there. As they say, “when it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is”.

We have warned you and trust that you will not become a victim of a scam and a statistic of fraud and spamming.

Keep it sharp out there,
Atrax Logistics