Air Freight

Atrax offers an array of air freight options based on time frames and budget to suit all your cargo needs.
Sea Freight

Ideal mode of transport for larger
and heavier shipments
Road Freight

Rolling with the goods since 1995.
Transporting your cargo from point A-Z


How can we help you get on the right trax?

Reliable Logistics &
Transport Solutions

Atrax Logistics is an experienced logistics company and since its inception in 1995, it has steadily grown and flourished over the years. We may be experienced in our field, but Atrax Logistics is run and managed by a young, fresh and vibrant team of individuals, yearning to make your day.

Atrax Logistics SA can be seen as a boutique logistics company that is strongly established and offers a dynamic approach to logistics by running a sleek, efficient and professional operation.

Our Service Offering

Safe & Reliable Cargo Solutions

Air Freight

Air freight is the perfect option when you need your goods to arrive with urgency. Atrax offers an array of air freight option both internationally and domestically with a special attention to Africa.

Sea Freight

The ideal mode of transport if you have a large amount of cargo to be shipped, cost effective and designed to keep the costs down, however the transit time will be considerably longer compared to air freight to most major destinations.

Road Freight

Atrax offers an array of freight options both internationally and domestically with a special attention to Africa. Daily departures to and from South Africa with options to airport and ‘door to door’ services we can create a solution that works for you.


Atrax Logistics SA (Pty) Ltd is a proud member of select esteemed global networks. Our expertise and strengths are characterised by our selection of these worldwide agents, tried and tested over the years. Through these partnerships we are able to connect you to over 220 hubs around the world with flexible, efficient and knowledgeable logistics services.

Through constant evaluation, we strive to further develop our existing trade lanes and expand our global footprint.