Atrax Logistics SA is an old goat on the logistics scene and since its inception in 1995, it has steadily grown and flourished over the years. It might be an old goat, but the company is run and managed by a young, fresh and vibrant team of individuals, yearning to make your day.

Atrax Logistics SA can be seen as a boutique logistics company that is strongly established and offers a dynamic approach to logistics by running a sleek, efficient and professional operation, all with a bit of fun and energy thrown into the mix. We want to ensure our customers become part of the family and love doing it the Atrax way!

We have our central hive situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. Over the years we have grown our network and relationships with both our clients and global partners. This has led to us being able to tap into some amazing resources, enabling us to ship your cargo to over 220 hubs worldwide.

Atrax Logistics doesn’t stop with the general air and sea cargo around the world. We are well equipped to handle large scale breakbulk projects, time critical aerospace & ship spares, dangerous goods, exhibitions and even send a pigeon or two across the globe.
So expect to be working with a high pace, fun filled and energetic team which strives on being brand champions and service gurus. All this so that you can experience a service level comparable to the Queens Convoy.

Think of us as an extension of your team, we are the back line coach, the medics, the cheerleaders, the physios. Using our experience and skills will create results that everyone is going to be jumping over jumbo jets about.

Our Can DO’s



The dah-dah duuuh Introduction!

We are sure you have been trawling hours and days across the net looking for the right fit in finding a good looking ( We are not being arrogant, we just love our brand 😊), efficient and simplistic E-com fulfilment partner and you’ve just hit the jack pot!

We at Atrax are passionate about understanding you and your brand first and foremost!

We believe strongly in the fact that if we as your partner, do not understand the in’s and outs of your brand and how you wish to portray it to the outside world then we would never be able to ensure this is carried out by us.

The philosophy is simple, in that, we are an extension of your company and brand, and that if we deliver more than is expected with the same love and care then it would help you grow and spread your products across the country and hopefully the globe and we can be part of that journey with you!

Our approach is to have you come have a chat over a cup of coffee and meet our team and see our operation first hand.

We believe that this is the most crucial first landing step on the e-com moon we need to take before we lay out the exact requirements of our operations and hands on approach to handling your brand and goodies.

The Atrax Barn is snuggled in between the airport and the city of Johannesburg and offers a large and clean nifty warehouse.

The 7500m2 warehouse consist of various storage options from bins, pallet spaces, refrigeration and open floor space designed to accommodate the various types of products and cargo that we handle suited to each customers requirements.

The whaaaat?

– We offer crisp and simple e-Commerce solutions to both B2B and B2C customers nationwide from our barn in Johannesburg.
– An always live and online software portal is available for the user to place orders, check stock levels, pull various reports, see POD’s and admin information all at your fingertips anytime of the day.
– Our software integrates with all the major e-Commerce platforms which creates a seamless and hassle free ordering process whereby you do not need to retype information of orders and everything is automated across the board to allow you to focus on your business rather than sit with headaches of placing orders and re-hashing information over and over again.
– All goods are barcoded and scanned into our system allowing you to see the exact movement of cargo in and out of our Barn offering full transparency in your goods.
– Safe and secure handling of your hands with some nice CCTV footage covering the movement of your goods through our Barn out to the your clients across the country.

The Big Diff?

So what makes us stand out and different from the rest of the herd out there and why pick us? – We totally love what we do! Simple as that. These are the vibes that we love to spread in how we interact with our clients and their ends clients. We are here looking to prove that the word “Service” is not dead in South Africa.

– We love our brand and stand up strongly for it and are proud of what we have done with our passionate team and that reverberates in our quality of service and turn around times. Sure we can make a mistake every blue moon but how we rectify this and ensure the final expectation is met is what makes for a long lasting relationship.
– With an in-house IT guru ready to rock and therefore we offer totally FREE integration from your e-Commerce platform into ours to ensure you’re up and running in no time.
– Its all about customization and therefore we offer tailored solutions of handling, storage and packing made to your exact requirements.
– We offer you the option to design your own carboard boxes and tape to ensure your boxes arrive to your clients with your full branding showing loud and clear on arrival.
– Our sister company AXCO offers clients assistance with imports of products from around the world. AXCO would assist with forex payments and acting as an importer and offering smooth customs clearance on behalf of you the e-Commerce client in South Africa.

The Nutshell….

So to sum up it all up of what Atrax and AXCO can do for you in ensuring you have a efficient and reliable e-Commerce warehouse and logistics partner you can and want to work with everyday.

1) We have great coffee when you come to visit
2) Safe and secure warehousing
3) Always on ordering and reporting system
4) Full software integration between our system and yours at no cost
5) Picking and packing as you need it
6) Customized carton boxes and tape design done in house for you
7) Nationwide courier delivery with various options offered to choose from
8) Smart online reporting system and automated reports sent to you each day, week or month as you need it.
9) Proactive and efficient service all day everyday
10) AXCO assists with foreign payments to suppliers and saving you costs and hassles with dealing with the banks and foreign exchange.
11) AXCO acts as the importer on your behalf and simplifies the customs clearance process

We look forward to meeting you and please get in touch by mailing [email protected]


Atrax Logistics SA (PTY) Ltd is a proud member of select esteemed global networks. Our expertise and strengths are characterized by our selection of these worldwide agents, tried and tested over the years. Through these partnerships we are able to connect you to over 220 hubs around the world with flexible, efficient and knowledgeable logistic services.

Through constant evaluation, we strive to further develop our existing trade lanes and expand our global footprint.

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